The Most Effective Bodybuilding Training

What muscle building exercises do you have in your training plan?

If one of these six is missing, you are probably giving away potential.

How do you recognize the champions – fitness exercises that are good for what?

The concept of the “Big Six” gives you the answer.

Because the “Big Six” are not only among the most effective muscle building exercises in the world. They also help you to find the right balance.

To make it easier for you to get slim, stay fit and … look good naked.

Here is what you need to know…

  • The biggest mistake that steroid-free strength athletes make is to use too much volume. You need to activate protein synthesis and then stop training.
  • Also the frequency is super important. Training a muscle three times a week is the optimal frequency for natural strength athletes.
  • The key to muscle growth is to achieve a great imbalance between protein synthesis and protein degradation. The more volume you use, the more protein you break down.
  • The best split for a steroid-free strength athlete is the push/pull split. This is both physically and psychologically useful.

Don’t train like a steroid-assisted genetic freak.

If you are a natural exerciser, then you cannot train like a steroid-assisted bodybuilder or action movie star. And if you only have average genetics, you can’t train like a genetic freak. Sure, it’s tempting to copy the training program from those we admire, but always chasing the next “Star Program” won’t get you anywhere.

So how should people train naturally to get the best results? Basically like this:

Use a push/pull (or push + quadriceps/pull + leg flexor) split 6 days a week.
With this frequency you only need one exercise per muscle group and three sets per exercise: two sets of moderate intensity to prepare and then a hard set.
Use different methods and exercises for the three different training sessions per week.

The Most Common Mistake Of Course Trainers

The mistake made by those who do not use performance-enhancing drugs is to use too high a volume. The whole purpose of muscle building training is to stimulate protein synthesis. Once this has been stimulated, further training of a muscle will not bring any additional benefits – it will not grow stronger even with more volume. Instead, it may even lose size!

The key to muscle growth is to make a big difference between protein synthesis (building muscles) and protein degradation (mobilizing amino acids from muscles for energy). The more volume you use, the more protein degradation you will achieve – and you don’t want that.

Frequency is King

To maximize muscle growth, frequency is crucial. This refers not only to how often you train one muscle per week, but also to the number of training sessions per week.

Frequency is crucial for a steroid-free strength athlete because the actual training session is the stimulus that activates protein synthesis. In other words, the training session itself is what puts you in an anabolic state, while chemically assisted bodybuilders do not need the training session as a trigger for protein synthesis. The chemically assisted user is in anabolic mode 24 hours a day.

So the more you exercise, the more your body remains in an anabolic state and the more muscle you will build. But don’t forget that frequency and volume are inversely related. Remember that as a steroid-free exerciser, you cannot do a lot of work if you train at a high frequency.

Frequency works better than volume. Training a muscle three times a week is the optimal frequency for a steroid-free athlete (with a low volume to compensate for the increase in frequency). Exercise six days a week using short, low-volume workouts, with half the body being trained in each session. This is the only way to achieve optimal frequency without excessive cortisol release.

The Training Split

The best split from a physical and physiological point of view is the push/pull split:

Pulling Muscles
leg flexor
Muscles with pressure
shoulder muscles
Each push or pull training unit consists of 4 exercises – one per muscle group

What sports nutrition is needed to gain weight? Sports nutrition for fast muscle mass

Let us talk about nutritional supplements for muscle mass. After all, the road to a beautiful and muscular body is long and thorny. Exhausting training, strict diet, complete or partial rejection of bad habits – these are all unchangeable rules of bodybuilding. A good help in this matter will be various sports supplements. There are many types of these supplements. It is difficult enough to find out which of these for which. Consider the most popular and safest supplements that give the muscles a relief and the body extra energy.

Popular supplements

On the shelves of sports nutrition you will find a huge selection of additives, the manufacturers of which each promises a short time to build muscles and strengthen the body. But not everyone is safe, so you should study the incoming components.

Among the additives offered. Athletes are in high demand:

  • Protein;
  • Winners;
  • Creatine;
  • Complex amino acids;
  • Glutamine;
  • Energy supplements.

Each of the additives has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the most popular in detail.

It is rightly considered the king of all food additives. Why? In the translation from English protein is a protein. Yes, the same protein that is the main component of our muscle mass.

Distinguish the protein:

Quickly absorbed by the body. It is recommended to use it in the morning before the first meal and immediately after training. Casein protein is absorbed longer. It is used before going to bed. The best way to take this supplement is a protein cocktail. There are also various protein bars.

This is a protein-carbohydrate mixture. This dietary supplement will be useful for people with a good metabolism. Gainer is appreciated for its high carbohydrate content. Use it before training recommended. Its reception guarantees an energy boost and suppression of appetite.

Use the Geyner in the form:

There is one disadvantage of this supplement: Take a geyser, people gain not only muscle mass, but also fat mass. This is due to the insufficient intensity of the training. Therefore, people who are addicted to fullness are not recommended to use this sport supplement.

It is believed that this supplement, in addition to building muscle, can increase your strength for a short time. This is true, but not for everyone. Everything depends on the human body. Find out if creatine gives you strength, you can only try it.

Method of use:

Take once a day;
Drink 3 glasses of water.
Type of issue:

In powder form;
In capsules;
In tablets.
The additive is harmless to health and does not cause any side reactions of the body.

Integrated. In many ways have the properties of protein. However, they are absorbed much faster. Of the minus points, a high price is worth mentioning. Among athletes, the use of complex amino acids is not very popular. Protein is much more nutritious and cheaper.

Action on the body:

– Increased muscle mass;

– Restoration of the body after severe stress;

– Increased strength and protection of muscles from destruction.

Take this supplement before and after training. Available in capsules.

This substance is contained in every person’s body. Why is it taken separately? Glutamine is consumed during frequent physical exertion. This is associated with a decrease in immunity.

Also glutamine:

  • Fills the body’s energy reserves;
  • Is a building material for muscles;
  • Safe;
  • Does not affect the work of the heart and blood vessels.

Use twice a day just before eating. It is also available in powder form, but experts recommend the use of capsules with glutamine.

Energy supplements. It is difficult to combine workouts and work/learning. Not everyone can go to the gym after a hard day at work or school. Various energy supplements will come to the rescue. They all stimulate your mood and naturally recharge you with energy. It should be noted that these are sports supplements that are sold in specialty stores. These additives are produced in liquid and powder form.

Finally. Buy these supplements now is not much work. And their effectiveness should not be doubted. All of them are tested by hundreds of thousands and even millions of athletes.