Booster workout works best? Scientists report ...

The key is to know what is real and fake. These are the real products and fake ones.

Here is how the real products look and work. The real products are on the right. They have no logos and there are no advertisements. In the picture, I have the fake one. It says it works very well, but there is also a label of an anti-oxidant. How to recognize a fake product? Fake products have the same logo as the real ones, but the word "fake" is in big letters on the label. I have no idea what these people were thinking! The first time I saw a fake product was when I went to buy some weightlifting gear from a friend who has been training for 15 years and who knows everything. I bought some gloves and a weightlifting belt. I put them on, thinking they would be useful, but they were not. When I returned, they were not any easier to do than the real ones. The first one I tried was an over-the-counter product (with no scientific evidence) that said it helped with shoulder stability. It actually did nothing. It did not even lift the weight. The other two were not better.

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4 Gauge

4 Gauge

Gloria Maxwell

It clearly looks like this: 4 Gauge works wonders. After all, a neutral observer concludes, one not...